Skilled in Creative Thinking, Young Cricketers may help Win Cricket World Cup

Skilled in Creative Thinking, Young Cricketers may help Win Cricket World Cup

Skilled in Creative Thinking, Young Cricketers may help Win Cricket World Cup: has planned an exclusive workshop on ‘Winning Cricket via Creative Thinking.’ The purpose of this training program is to generate untapped creative ideas that may help any cricket team win upcoming Cricket World Cup 2015, including future tournaments, one-days and test match series against the international teams. Instead of teaching young cricketers how to play cricket, this workshop will talk about how to utilize creative thinking when it comes to winning. Be it a one-day series, test matches, or a big tournament, etc., the cricketers may perform superbly if taught how to think creatively and generate new creative ideas to win others hands down.

Interested teams and cricket boards may contact us on our email address: and

From ‘made in space’ products to underwater restaurants and hotels, new and unique business ideas are always fascinating to investors. This is because innovative business ventures not only deliver the return on invested capital, but also provide the businesspersons with the feeling of being a trailblazer, or trendsetter in the market, compared with traditional run-of-the-mill businesses.
From ‘me too’ business to the ‘out of this world’ trading initiatives, a variety of options are always available for starting up a product or service-based business for small investors and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). However, new business ideas, implemented through reasonable financial investments, lead a newly formed company to a win-win situation.

Creative ideas essential for business growth

Creative ideas essential for business growth

Many small investors find it risky to try a new ‘out of the box’ business idea, but these underlying risks can be mitigated after evaluating the socioeconomic and cultural compatibility of the idea where it is going to be practically implemented. Essentially, you have to show basic creativity to find out ‘real, but un-served need’ of the consumers, which is not being catered by the existing companies. For example, many popular brands of baby nappies or diapers are available in the market made as per predefined standards. Nevertheless, these readymade nappies do not fit every child accurately, as not being tailor-made or fully customized as per each baby’s requirements. Available with the same design for both boys and girls, readymade diapers are also not gendered specific.
This problem may lead the business opportunists to a new business idea of making customised baby nappies. Adding a design element in the proposed baby product will make it more appealing also, and very high class of buyers could utilize nappy tailoring & designing service as a symbol of status. If you are a keen observer, you can quickly generate a valid business idea. For example, absence of a decent public toilet system is a common problem never addressed by the private companies in our cities. Run by government departments, we can find public toilets at some locations that appear to be ‘not user friendly,’ offering totally unhygienic and sullied environment, and very limited space, including the universal lack of toilet papers, water and the rest of the lavatory accessories. Especially for women, these public toilets are not usable at all, and no consideration is given to children, disabled and old age people during construction of toilets at public places. Well-equipped with essential toiletries, private firms can introduce a paid service of ‘wheeled mobile toilets’ in our cities, offering sanitized and hygienic environment to all age groups. Continue reading

When we press the particular button, the remote control starts beeping, thus helping us to locate it quickly

When we press the particular button, the remote controller starts beeping, thus helping us to locate it quickly

The Problem: Usually, electronic devices are not interacted with other electronic devices. The lack of interconnectivity affects users on numerous occasions. For example, when you want to switch on TV, but unable to find its remote control. Now, you manually start looking for the remote control around the TV set, as there is no other way around to exactly locate the missing remote control. In the given scenario, your TV set cannot help you search its remote controller.

The Idea: As stated above, there is a severe lack of interconnectivity between the TV set and its remote control. Appeared to be well interconnected with each other, your TV set is useless when it comes to locating the lost remote control. The ideal solution suggests for an interconnected feature through which we can find the missing control by pressing a special button of the TV set.
And, when we press the particular button, the remote control starts beeping, thus helping us to locate it quickly without any time-consuming manual searching. This leads us towards a general concept of ‘Interconnected Electronic Devices’ and we can make other devices well-interconnected with its related devices. In particular, all of such devices that are run by remote control must be well-interconnected with each other.

ArmyThe Idea: Retired army personnel of any rank should always live within public housing projects instead of residing away from the general public in their housing projects managed by respective cantonment boards. To narrow down this idea, at least one army personnel of major or colonel rank should live in a population of 10 thousand people approx. So that these retired army gentlemen can easily influence concerned civic authorities and municipal departments to ceaselessly provide basic facilities like water, electricity etc. without any disruption to the population.

The Rationale behind the Idea: The rationale behind the proposed idea is simple and straightforward because this idea has been formed keeping in view the general psyche of our nation where just the name of an influential person or authority makes the work done which cannot be even done by thousands of common people by any means. The ‘Men in Khaki’ can ideally facilitate the devolution of convenience to the grassroots level. Here where the whole nation is steered by the philosophy of “might is right”, the role of army personnel is so crucial and decisive, especially when fulfilling the public needs are concerned. In our culture, army people are considered as a symbol of strength, thus nobody dares challenge their stance in any matter. Even a retired army officer, in accordance with our social culture, is more influential than a common man. In short, they have a definite say in the running of the public affairs. That’s why; their presence could be blessing for the general people who are usually deprived of essential utilities of life or their view is taken as granted by concerned authorities. Putting retired army personnel among the general people will benefit the deprived populace almost in every matter, particularly the matters related to the continuous provision of essential utilities and amenities of life like water, electricity, gas, sanitary services and the like. As a rule, retired army people don’t live with general public which, besides many other concerns, also creates a needless gap between the army and civilians. But, coming closer to the general public will lessen not only the mentioned gap, but also appears as a revolutionary step taken for the very survival of the general populace. As per our national psyche, army people, whether working or retired, are heard at any platform with due attention. Their humble suggestions are supposed to be irreversible orders; therefore just their presence among the general masses would be sure enough for smooth running of civic matters. Here I don’t mean to impose any sort of martial law or favor the concept of un-elected representation of public representatives. Here I just stress the need of putting the retired army personnel among general public as precautionary measures adopted to pressurize the concerned civic and municipal departments. Repeating my words again, at least one army personnel of major or colonel rank should live in a population of 10 thousand people. The presence of retired army personnel among the general people will be itself a good disciplinary gesture taken in inefficient civic departments so as to make them efficient in all their operations, chiefly when it comes to fulfilling public needs. In a nutshell, retired army people should always live with the general public as they are always in an ideal position to be the person in charge.

Post Judicial SystemThe Problem: Many a questions are being raised nowadays on much-needed transparency in court procedures and proceedings. The legitimacy and validity of the justice, delivered to the concerned parties, is itself a matter of concern and in a country like Pakistan, which was rated quite higher in the global corruption list as well as in the Corruptions Perception Index 2009, transparency in the overall judicial system must be determined through various means. Especially, when the judiciary is heavily criticized by numerous elected and non-elected political groups due to the alleged favoritism or judicial negligence shown during court proceedings, the judiciary should spare no effort to ensure the authenticity, validity and transparency of its each and every step taken by the court of law while delivering the justice. As described above, we lack such things unfortunately at the moment, and even after many years of the resolved legal cases there always remains an element of doubt in people’s minds regarding the validity and legitimacy of the verdicts issued by the court of law in precedent cases, mainly related to the government and national politics. Nawaz Sharief’s Plane conspiracy case, Hamud-ur-Rehman commission, and a case of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, etc. are some of the brightest examples of the same. Here, we discuss the viable solution of this matter and try to find out a long-lasting resolution so as to make the whole judicial process flawless and transparent.

The Idea: Comprising all modern camera devices, sound recording facilities, etc. there should be a Post Judicial System in Pakistan in which all highly-critical decisions taken by the High and Supreme Courts will be first scrutinized through a special Post Judicial Bench in light of the electronically recorded court proceedings before actual implementations of the verdicts as released by the concerned court of law.

How this idea will benefit the nation? Now, after the implementation of this idea, all court proceedings would be fully recorded through state-of-the-art cameras and sound recording equipments. Then, such recording will be scrutinized and critically analyzed by an especially formed full-time “post judicial bench” in order to check and recheck the validity, accuracy and legitimacy of the final verdict as announced by the esteemed court. The proposed Post Judicial System will be mainly facilitated by the documented court proceedings as well as electronic & digital recordings of the whole proceedings of the respective case. The proposed Post Judicial System will be highly effective before giving severe punishments to the criminals as a slight error in the court’s judgment will cost an irrecoverable loss to the affected parties. After the final announcement of the court’s verdict, the proposed Post Judicial Bench will start its work automatically without waiting for a special appeal made by the offender, especially when the punishment as given by the court of law seems to be so severe and critical. Knowing the fact that all complete court proceedings, including the final verdict will be electronically reevaluated by a full time bench, the Post Judicial System would be also so effective in determining the transparency of all legal proceedings and verdicts. This process will make both lawyers and judges so responsible and loyal with their professions since there remains no margin of error in setting up disputes and legal matters. Just like normal cases, these electronically-recorded court proceedings could be utilized for reference purposes when required by the court of law. The available archive of digitally-recorded cases will be of much help to law students and researchers as well. As it looks to be so simple and uncomplicated, the Post Judicial System is necessary for our country because of serious concerns and doubts raised over many courts’ decisions by both affected parties and media as well. In a word, the judiciary is supposed to be the most finest and the ultra transparent institution of any country, and any single doubt shown on its impartiality and workability is totally against the desired conditions in any way. Thus, it’s the need of the hour to devise a highly-efficient judicial system and mechanism, which remains transparent, authentic and legitimate not only for the contemporary ages but for the next generations as well.

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